Monday, April 11, 2011

A Valentines Day Prayer . . .Belated

I have been very busy lately and it has shown itself  in that I haven't had the time to post much here or anywhere . . .  This is a post of a prayer I prayed on Valentines day  I  recently recited this prayer again just because I feel it is that important.  So  forgive me for its lateness... 

"Heavenly Father.. .   I have sinned   I have committed . . . (omitted for obvious reasons) . . . Father I am grateful for your matchless grace and its manifest in my life.   I am grateful for my work and my home which you have provided. I am grateful for the opportunity to face this day and for the  health to face it well, and Father I am very grateful for the woman you have brought into my life. She fills my life with joy and wonder and fun and whimsy.   Father Please be with our country  that  our leaders be led to choices that will keep us on the right track for freedom and prosperity. Father I ask also that if it be thy will  that my family be healthy and happy.   Father  I ask  for myself that you help me concentrate and stay consistent  in the learning of your doctrine.  And finally  I ask  father that you help me to be the man for the woman you have graced me.  Help me be strong  of will and spirit  that I can protect and serve her.  Help me be wise and mature of soul  that I can guide and respect her.  Help me to show her I love her and am grateful for her.   For I pray in the name of  your holy and precious son  Jesus Christ  Amen. .  

I  post this mostly for my benefit  and as a window into  what I was thinking  on valentines day.  I do not  intend this post  to  be any  instruction on  prayer  or  to make anyone feel any  negative emotions with regard to their prayer life  or lack there of.    That is between  you and  your  soul   and not my place.        So please please take no guilt  or  offense from this post.  

Thank you.