Friday, November 12, 2010


   I have spent so many nights  wandering the woods.  The night time world  forsaken by those who are afraid of what they do not understand.   Often I encounter  that fear.    Often  this fear is expressed by the person afraid  very viciously.   They do not understand something and afraid to learn or to change their mind they attack  it with name calling and jokes and peer pressure.    Yet  life is a journey, a path of steps and decisions  and encounters.  We all know where we begin  and we all know how the mortal journey ends. So why fear it  or fear anything along the way?   Were I to step outside tonight and wander the woods I may die.  I can minimize this with some precaution  or course  a knife or two and a side arm  just to be safe  for  sure there are creatures out there  that are dangerous.     But why be afraid?   If I were to die tonight my mortal journey ends yes  but it would end my way  on my terms  experiencing all the wonder and diversity and greatness that God has provided for us to explore.  
   And what of beauty.  It is so much more then the superficial thing in which we seem to place so much value.    I have stared deep into the soul of many a beautiful woman  only to  see  turmoil,  and filth, and the ashes of  virtue that never had a chance to take hold.   That is not beauty,   I have stared into the soul of a new born babe  and seen the promise of the future and the wonder of all the new things they are experiencing.      
     Is beauty an emotional thing.    The appreciation of it  is most definitely emotionally full filling  but  I believe  it to be an intellectual soulful  thought process that  comes to that appreciation.   To many times we make choices and decisions  based upon our emotions and then have to use our intellect  to dig ourselves out of the problems that decision making process always causes.  Instead  were we to use our minds to think, our eyes to see,  our ears to listen  and make our decisions based upon  that intellect  and then gain the emotional appreciation of a well made choice and a life  more free of the burdens  of  the bad choices. 

Certainly I have made more then a few bad choices myself.  Admittedly some of these choices led down paths that taught me many things worth knowing.   But in retrospect I suspect  these things could have been learned with less pain. 

  So beauty can be found  in many ways and along many paths  we should never be afraid to try and experience it  yet  we should with wisdom make that experience with a sound mind so that we can take in all this universe has for our mortal existence  with out dragging our own baggage on every step of the journey.  

Beauty can come when you open your mind to it and  expand your repertoire  to understand. Today you may find a rose to be beautiful   and yet  when you look deeper  you  can see the complexity of just one leaf on that rose and find beauty in the magnificent design that causes that leaf to serve that plant.  Ask the questions  seek the answers. Broaden your scope   from small to large  from one leaf to a whole bush with an entire system of bacteria and insects and  energy transfers.   From roots to flower to seed to roots. 

 I often find my work to be beautiful.  The precision, the creating of  something both aesthetically and dimensionally perfect  from every chamfer to every diameter.  From the smooth shine of the surface finish to the overall product a study of form and function.  

We need to take time to  think and appreciate beauty,  Our lives are far far to short in the mortal span of existence to overlook things or to pass them by from fear.   This does not mean we need to take time away from what we are doing.  Rather we should open our eyes while we are doing it  perhaps that means setting down the smart phone   or  turning down the radio  or  shutting out all the worries in the back of our mind  while we are working  to spend just a little time  appreciating just what we are doing right there in front of us.  

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