Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scripture, Canon, Word . . . .λόγος,

Ἐν ἀρχῇ ἦν ὁ λόγος,   The hinging phrase of the bible.  The key to  truth and success in your christian life.    It is John 1:1  in the original Konia Greek  it is pronounced  En archai an ho Logos .    I like Dr. Theme's translation  "In the beginning which was not the beginning there eternally existed  the Word.    Now scholars will tell you  and its is a proven fact that when the word "λόγος,"  or Word  is capitalized  it means our Lord Jesus Christ.    So Logos  and Jesus Christ  is synonymous  this key  phrase  cracks open a lot of doctrines to our understanding .     First that the Deity of Christ eternally existed as a member of the Triune Godhead  back before the creation of everything..  Second  that the bible that we call scripture  is the Word  and  the mind of Christ  or  the Word of Christ.  Why is this the key to success in your spiritual life.   Well   lets analyze   . . does it say   "There existed dance?  . . . .no . . . how about "There existed looking down your nose at people?"    no    hey how about  "There existed  an ecstatic experience?     nope  . . . it says  "there eternally existed the WORD.     The scripture  or  The author of scripture. 
 Yet  in this world  we live  I see and walk  amongst so many that swear  they LOVE JESUS   and yet  spend no time learning  doctrine   no time caring about his words   no time  in bible study.   They dance and sing and  raise their hands in the air  and  work up a real good  emotional  "Spiritual"  experience.    
    You know  I was once  all messed up  in the occult. Do you know what they did  oh  its  rich . .  all the sabbats  all the rituals  all the devils masses   the main focus  was dancing  and singing and working up a real good  emotional   experience. . . . .    and  it was totally  evil . . . . I have seen  it first hand and I swear to you today  that anything the unbeliever  can do   IS NOT  SPIRITUAL!      anything you can copy with drugs  or devices  or  with chanting  or singing or dancing  or sex  or  smoke    is not spiritual   any idiot can do those things and get a great big glowing feeling.        
 Where am i going with this. . . . it is simple   If you Love Jesus   you Love his WORD.   even and especially when it makes you  think or touches on your  "Issues".    You love your parents  even  and especially when they reprove and correct you   (or you should unless you are an idiot)  because you know that they are doing this  because they love you and want you to learn.    The principle is the same.     God wants us to learn  and he has provided us with all the growing up lectures we need  in his scripture.    It is your sword and your shield  and every piece of armor you could possibly need to face the world and all its problems.  
   There are more then 7000 promises  in the bible. .   Isaiah 41:10,  Romans 8:28,  1st Peter 5:7  Psalm 104.   there are limitless  promises  like the one given to Abraham . .  I am your Shield and your Increasing Great Reward.     and there is  a mountain of information on how to live a life  wisely   not just  self righteously   not  fake  not   walking around with your head in the clouds  pretending to be holy .  But real  pragmatic practical  wisdom  so you can put one foot in front of the other  instead of stumbling  every chance you get.  
Am I saying  I am better then you because I know this . .. .  NO   because as anyone will tell you  I have alot to learn and there's many times when life  knocks me on my  rear end.    But I know where to look!!!! And  I wish to share because  I love you.       Love God . . . Love God's Word!!!    Be  wise   don't just fake it!
Because when you fake it . . . lets be honest   you are only fooling yourself  everyone else knows you are phony!    
for doctrinal references please see the works by John Calvin, Louis Sperry Chaffer, R.B. Theme Jr.  http://www.berachah.org/  , Henry A Ironside, Clarance Larkin, Donald Barnhouse and I am not saying you have to believe everything they say just read (if you are interested) and make up your own mind thats free will and what makes you human.

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