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Halloween Ghosts Possession . . .Demons

  Ok  Tis the season right?   Halloween  ghosts goblins  ghouls all the creepy crawlies that make your skin tingle.   Lately I've been enjoying watching the many new TV shows on the paranormal for a lot of reasons.  For one I had several encounters myself  in  my dark past  and  I  am one of those people  that has to explore the things that scare him  until they no longer scare him.    This has led me on a 10 year journey into what these experiences are.   That leads me to the second reason this journey has led me into the study of the angelic conflict and of demons in particular. So  in this post I want to shed some light into the darkness and put names to the shadows.   The information I am conveying  can be found in evidence throughout history and from the bible  and  from accounts from various missionaries throughout the world.    

  Since it is Halloween  I am going to focus on  the the most numerous activity and I am going to offer advice somewhat contrary to what you are going to see on these  TV shows.   They are trained scientific professionals and  are unknowingly protected by the "Rules"  to which these creatures are currently contained.  

   In haunting and in demon possession   there are two main culprits.  Satan's  front line troops, so to speak. They are just two classes of many classes which cover a wide range of human affairs and some of these are also involved in haunting and possessions but they aren't doing the flashy stuff.  
    The first the OV (transliterated from the Hebrew)  or  the   εγγαστρυμυτηος or (eggastrumuthos in the Greek) demon is the  most common  demon in the fallen angel army   they are voice demons.    They  can manipulate the vocal cords of a possessed person  and produce  language, information,.  They are also the source of all the moans  and whispers and voices   in a haunted house.   They are most notably mentioned in history in possessed persons  as   Mediums, Psychics,  Wizards, Witches, Necromancers,   any  person who says they can  contact the dead.   This is their primary game and  it is often why they haunt houses   to draw in  a new person to inhabit or to play the game of  getting a medium to "cross the spirit over"    but often there is one  OV demon in the medium and another in the house and they are pulling the wool over your eyes  often to the profit of the medium.   They are actually a source of  somewhat reliable information about the past  as  they actually were there to witness it    often  people possessed can recant ancient  long dead languages  and speak about ancient kingdoms with vivid detail .   This  is where scholars believe Homer  got his information for the Iliad and the Odyssey (this goes into other tangents of demonology that I am not going into that right now.)   Historic examples of this demon in action are as follows. 

   The Witch of Endor   - - -   Saul contacts her to  contact Samuel for advice.   1 Samuel  28:3  

   The Oracle of Delphi   - - -   often spoken of in most Greek  literature  as a source of  supernatural advice and the will of the gods. 

   The Egyptian priests of  Sokar, Khentiamentu, and Anubis,  - - - Spoken of in Exodus and  in Egyptian history.  

    The Possessed Man  in Mark 5:1  

To review  this demon is associated with  the vast majority of supernatural and paranormal VOICE  activity.  

  The second demon I am going to cover  is the Puppeteer demon . . . not named specifically  in scripture as it is less pervasive and less dangerous to the will of man and to history.   The Puppeteer  demon is the creature associated with  moving people and things..   In a possessed individual  this is the demon that will move the persons arms legs  move him around  lift them off the ground. grant the possessed person abnormal strength and speed.     Also called the Telekinesis Demon  they are the ones responsible  for  opening and closing doors. .  footsteps ,  throwing  things   levitating  people or objects.   All things being moved  are  part of this  demons  stock in trade.      

     Examples of this demon  are as follows. 
      The demons messing with the bones of  Moses.- - -in the book of Jude  there is an account  of the Archangel Gabriel being sent to take the bones of  Moses and to rebuke the demons messing with them

      The possessed Man in Mark 5:1 the account of the man says that he could not be contained  (possessing abnormal strength.) 

So  if  you encounter these  activities   you now know what is doing them.     All  classes of demon  (and angels for that matter) are called  Nagash  (transliterated from the Hebrew)   which means Light bodies  or Stars.    Both classes are capable of  making shadows  and manipulating light. though I suspect  the Puppeteer demon does this the most.   So shadow figures, apparitions, ghosts. mists,   this is the activity  to which I'm referring.  

    Now  that you have this information what do you do with it . . . . This is where I diverge from  the popular TV shows.   These demons  DO NOT have to muster up energy to make things happen. .  They are playing with the investigator  as far and  as much as they can.   They   Don't want the general public to get to much information from them  it dilutes the effect and takes away from the fear factor.   THESE ARE VERY POWERFUL BEINGS.     Do not  interact with them.  Do Not engage in conversation with them.  This is what they want  they are waiting for a stoned  or  weak willed individual   to get in a conversation and entice into possession  this is their main game.      This is very important   if you attract their attention  they can follow you   if you antagonize them  and you are a christian  they can  petition to God to hurt or Kill you  if  you  have sin in your life and are  under discipline.   King David  prayed  to God   and asked God to not let Satan have him. .  The book of Job is all about  Satan petitioning  God to hurt a human.  So they can hurt you  They can Kill you.   Do Not  go looking for trouble, don't  get on their radar.    This is the best advice I can give. Also  although it is their main trick and act  these spirits are not the restless dead  nor are they from "The Other Side"   there is no other side  these beings exist in our reality  just like we do  they just do so  out of our visible range.  Only God can resurrect  or  bring the dead  back to the material world   demons do not have that power though they try to mimic it every chance they get.   

Now  having said this  there are occasions when you have no choice  but to interact with these creatures. .   You buy a home  that's haunted. . . You come across a gathering in the woods and one or more of the people is Possessed.    You come across a car accident and  the accident victim appears to be possessed (if not  under the influence)      What do you do in this situation.   Here is the information from the bible and from first hand accounts from missionary's  I know and have read about.     

         Step one . . . Step away  and take a breath.     Pray to the Father and confess any and all known sins in your life    this is very important never  ever EVER confront a demon with sin in your life.   Use 1 John 1:9 and confess your sins   get  in fellowship. 

      Step two  . . .. in prayer silently to the Father  claim one of the promises of God in the scripture that allows you to exorcise demons.  Luke 9:1, Matthew 10:1  Mark 16:17 Acts 16:18  and 19:12-13  pray for courage.  The instant you claim one of these promises  a battalion of guardian angels was dispatched to your location and  they and the power of Christ as sovereign of the universe  is going to be doing this work not you  you are just a vessel for that power and a witness and testimony to any bystanders.   Always approach this from humility arrogance or self righteousness in this situation  will get you killed.  

      Step three . . . Approach the person or enter the building. .   Be bold  Fear is a sin and it is also going to make you freeze when you need to fight.    Also if there are bystanders  your boldness will be a testament and a witness unto them that  the power of your God is mightier then theirs.   Be Bold but be Humble  your confidence is in the Lord   not in yourself.    

    Step four . . .. . Claim the promise  out loud  Say something to effect of "Lord  you have promised that in your name we may expel or exorcise demons.    You can quote a verse  whatever  you think you need to help you build courage and   this time you are being a testimony  to all of the Angelic community which will be watching  this confrontation with interest.  Your claiming doctrine  out loud  will be a victory cheered by angels and a defeat  scorned by fallen angels.   

 Step five  . . . . Issue  the command  quoted by Paul in Acts 16:18  or a paraphrase that fits the situation  (IE I command you Demon (or demons)  In the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST  to leave  the  person or the  building. . . .       

That's it  no  hocus pocus   in fact you probably wont see or hear anything  at all  no  rituals  and DEFINITELY NO MEDIUMS   

now   there are rules here that apply .  

rule 1.   demons must obey a command issued in the Lords Name and guardian angels can enforce this command but only if the done while in fellowship utilizing the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. 
rule 2.   Free will is the issue  . ..  if  the person you have exorcised  chooses to be repossessed    there is nothing you can do about it.   Also  if the house you have dispossessed  is inhabited by people who are doing activities that draw demons   (drug use, occult activities etc etc . )  the  building may become haunted again 
rule 3.   Demons  can  petition against you if you become to much of a thorn in their side  and  if you have alot of sin in your life  so don't go making it a habit  of  exorcising  buildings or people for fun.  Stay out of their radar.    

 I may  edit  add and change  sections of this post  in the future to apply to experiences I have had or will have and as I work further on the subject.      

If  you do not feel safe exorcising your home  yet still want it done  find someone with alot of doctrine under their belt.    Preachers,  Seminary professors,   Theologians .    Don't seek help from a medium  or a psychic.  

You can go to one of these paranormal  investigation teams throughout the country to confirm or investigate your  house.  I  think what they are doing is very good   it  is helping to dilute the effect  and it is providing data for the study of fallen angels and  they are willing to risk their lives so  by all means  take advantage.  But take their advice with a grain of salt  they  are researchers trying to understand spiritual phenomena not  spiritual men who want to free you of the evil influence.      

Also   if you wish to keep prying demon eyes from your house and  keep demons from the premises. The very best thing is the reading of the bible out loud.    Psalms is very good  Read allowed  your devotional from Psalms  when you  do it . . . Reading of Doctrine  is very annoying to demons.  It is like hearing a lecture from a parent about what you did bad after you did it  and they told you not to. .   It is also like nails on a chalkboard to them.    Also almost as an afterthought and I now realize that it should have been mentioned first or  relatively early.  A christian believer in the Lord Jesus Christ  CANNOT  be demon possessed  they can be  demon influenced but  not possessed.    

for doctrinal references please see the works by John Calvin, Louis Sperry Chaffer, R.B. Theme Jr.  , Henry A Ironside, Clarance Larkin, Donald Barnhouse and I am not saying you have to believe everything they say just read (if you are interested) and make up your own mind thats free will and what makes you human.

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