Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chivalry is not Dead

Chivalry is not dead. Chivalry is an idea moreover an ideal and an ideal cannot die. At the time when knighthood and chivalry was at its height great men with self discipline and honor walked the earth.   There have been many such times. .  Times when  great nations were peopled with great individuals who worked toward ideals and served others more then self.    The time of knights was a time when British men of genius were working to translate the bible into the language of the day  from the Latin.  It was not a perfect process but it was a very good goal.   Men and women were being taught doctrine basic doctrines yes but doctrine nonetheless  and they were finding happiness and contentment  and freedom  even within the feudal system which was itself not a perfect process. .     Later  on  great men and women  fought that system  for the ideals of freedom   great thinkers  great warriors   great  individuals with  doctrine and self discipline. The American revolution was a pivotal point in history when such greatness changed the world.   Later still  in world war  II  when evil and its seduction of great power  were threatening to swallow the lands in darkness. Great men  and women of self discipline, doctrine, and honor  rode forth to serve,  to give their lives so that others may live.   

Chivalry is not dead.  I hold it in my heart as an ideal.   I  am not one of these great men. . . not yet.  But!  the path is clear    courage.  self discipline   doctrine   honor  virtue  service. . .   these are the tenants that make ordinary men  into knights. . .  into greatness.     Love  of  something more then self.   Any man can join their ranks   no matter what life he has led before.   Have the self discipline  to learn the doctrine to build within the honor and virtue  to choose to serve  and gain greater courage.     Evil hates such self discipline. . .  it works against it  so subtly  with  whispers . . .with enticements against the longings of your lusts.  With those around you always suggesting the easy way out .     

Chivalry is not without its draw backs .   It does not mean  celibacy  which is a comfort  hehe  but it does mean often doing the right thing for the right reasons  when everyone around you would advice against it. It does mean being singled out amongst men  apart  not better not lesser  but different and there are those who will take advantage  of your kindness and service. . .   This perhaps is the hardest thing for me  personally to bare.   The hardest road I have ever taken  has been with bitterness at my back .  Bitterness at being used and at others who have abused my goodness  and taken advantage of my service.    Learning to love impersonally  even those who have  hurt me so. . . .  that  will be the true test of  what I have learned. . .  if anything.    To forgive and move forward . . .  it is the ideal.   

Will I one day don shiny armor  and ride a charger into battle against darkness. . . .   Those days have long since passed.     Today we have better armor forged from the promises in the Word and I think they will serve me much more then the finest steel.  Its a long road involving  physical and mental fitness and training,  emotional toughness, spiritual maturing.   One can assume long hours of exercise and study is a given.  And the rewards  here in the temporal realm?     Not much good,  ridicule, oath breakers, users, manipulators, pettiness.   But  in the eternal realm?  Imagine going into eternity with the wisdom and spiritual armor that such a path might bestow.  And  eventually here in our mortal time those closest to you,  those who know you best and love you most will love you more for they will be blessed by association with you in your growth and they will respect you for the individual you have become.     Well we all hope so anyway.    If they are not all caught up with their own pettiness and jealousy.  I should hope not  

  Chivalry is Grace in action.    Forbearance,  long suffering,   love, charity,   it is doing the right thing for the right reason no matter what the cost.     I am well pleased that it cannot die.  It is all the good things that we as humans can strive to achieve in ourselves.    

for doctrinal referances please see the works by John Calvin, Louis Sperry Chaffer, R.B. Theme Jr., Henry A Ironside, Clarance Larkin, Donald Barnhouse.