Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vanity vs Grace

For the longest time I wore black.  Black shirt, pants, shoes,  to the nines all black.   The real reason I wore it well  I look good in black and everyone says I don't look right in bright colors.  But the reason I wore it  was to keep people out.   Stay out  stay back keep away,  I'll be honest with you  I love you all but you scare me.   All your emotions and your tensions and your issues and your drama.  I am a naturally empathic person and  I get to not only carry around all my baggage but when I am around others I have to pick up theirs and carry it around too. Let me tell you.  its rough,  all those secrets you think your hiding,  you aren't its all out there for anyone who can pick up on your body language.  So  wear black  keep you back  I don't  have to share in your issues "got me a nice little wall here and you are out there YAY"   Its a defence mechanism sure and it works. . . albeit in a dysfunctional way.  There is a better way, and I am thankful to Dr. Chaffer and Dr. Theme for enlightening me on this way.  Grace. . .  grace is loving people and giving them privacy.    Grace is impersonal love for all mankind.   Grace means you love them not based on who and what they are  but on who and what you are.  And I don't mean in any arrogant way.  You love them because they are human and you can accept their flaws because you have flaws and should not judge.  Grace and humility go hand and hand.  None of us deserve to be alive or to have the wonderful gifts we have yet we do.  Why?   Because God loves us even when we are idiots and choose our own way and forget where we came from or how we got here.  Grace!   

   So I purchased clothes today! Yes I bought black pants.  They are work pants and I wanted a durable color. Plus hey  I still have a lot of black clothes so they match.  But!!!!!  I got white socks    why. . .  why. .. . because they looked comfy!   From now on  I am gonna get clothes that make me feel good and leave looks to people who care.. ..  I'll tell you a secret . . .  I really like flannel!  Its so comfy!!  

for doctrinal references please see the works by John Calvin, Louis Sperry Chaffer, R.B. Theme Jr., Henry A Ironside, Clarance Larkin, Donald Barnhouse.

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