Monday, July 26, 2010

Knowledge is Power. . . and sometimes a pain in the ass.

Did you ever know things. ..  lots of things.  Lots of things about lots of things  but were unable to tell anyone.  I'm not talking about a secret here.  Anyone can put the pieces together themselves and in truth anyone can find the pieces if they were willing to look.  And there is the rub. People don't always want to know things.   "It's too deep" or "You think to much"  or my personal favorite "That stuff is for 'Those People'"     Who are "Those People"  and what does that mean exactly.  Is it a bad thing?   Am I a bad person because I want to know?   There is no intent here to shove it down any ones throat  just a curiosity and a desire to express what I have seen, learned and understood. Which is why I like this blog thing because I am not holding a gun to your head telling you to read on.   And then theres the other rub some things knowable cannot be expressed  because we  aren't the only ones reading.    VAGUE !!!! I know MYSTERIOUS!!! possibly . ..  but true. There is another sentient creation known to man.  The angelic creation both fallen and elect and  believe it or not   both sides love the Internet  its like seeing the conflict they are fighting in real time and its fascinating.  We are fascinating to them  as  they are to us.    The pieces separate  are neither vague nor mysterious   nor would the complete picture be  once it is in fact complete  but  getting from pieces to complete work . . . . . hmmm  Dangerous    I am not certain the fallen  want us to put all the pieces together  which is why I cannot find any completed works on the matter.   Lots of good work Clarence Larkin has hit on some very important points but it wasn't his focus.   Yet if more people had more pieces  they could see trends.   Trends that pop out of the front page  out of the nightly news and out of the radio.  They would see the bigger picture and the greater conflict.   But there we get back to the first problem . . . People don't want to know.    its too deep . . . I think to much . . .  that stuff is for "Those People". Fear  Ignorance,  it keeps us chained downed   keeps us in the system.   I am not asking people to go running out for a copy of angelology 101.   I am saying MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!  YOU ARE NOT CATTLE!!!  STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE.      Broaden your scope. Look beyond the everyday and see into the truth of things.    From the smallest ant to the largest whale  all things have truth all things have a logical purpose.  We take things at face value and never look deeper.  It's easier sure. . .but all things evil seem that way that's the enticement,  the dull to your senses  if you bite at this lie we will feed you a bigger one  and if that doesn't work we will change it to make it more palatable.  
 Yet in the search for truth  many  have gone from one extreme to the other,  jumping to condemn,  or going on childish tirades.   I must admit  I am very ashamed to call myself a christian and a conservative  with all the knee jerk  asinine  worthless  ignorant fools running around  making noise and trying to  make everyone afraid  of everything.    There is no truth in that.  Turning every possible event into a war between left and right,  making everything  a big dramatic affair when it should be a logical rational debate.    I do not support  this behavior   the children and fools who are  shoving their wrong!  opinions down the throats of the American people and holding hostage the establishments and principles for which this country stands.    It is wrong  and just as evil as the men and women they are trying to vilify.     And in the bigger picture,  the greater conflict ,are those who are watching. . . giddy,  as they see us tearing ourselves apart instead of finding the right way to do things .   No one on either side is the least bit concerned about Freedom,  Free Will,  Privacy,  or doing the right thing for the right reason.   It's all about "keeping our promise" or "Stopping them at all costs!"  and anyone with half a brain knows its all just a pile of very smelly garbage..  Protecting our freedom, free will and privacy are more important than any of the silly little petty humanistic issues we see passing through the halls of power these days. .   What good is living a life of plenty  (food,shelter, health,)  if you have no freedom to succeed or fail on your own and make your own choices.   cattle...   worse  factory farm cattle  is what we are choosing to become.  I'd gladly choose famine and disease over slavery.  Famines pass  Diseases can be cured, and death?  what of death?   When you have given up all your freedom to fail you will also give up your freedom to succeed and you will come to wish for death as a release from the drudgery.  No human spirit can thrive while chained this fundamental  human characteristic must be understood.   This understanding is the hallmark of Patrick Henry's famous quote "Give me liberty or give me death."

 I am not motivated to write this because the worst could happen  . ..  so what if the worst happens God has a plan for it so why be afraid of it.  It may mean war or death or famine or climate change. So what. In the end we will be right back where we started eventually. History has proven this out.  I am motivated to write  because I hate seeing my enemy giddy  and hatching plans  when they should be frustrated and retreating.  . .   frustrated and retreating  for them  is a good thing.  And because it means more people get to have more freedom and be able to make more of their own problems with their own freedom instead of having problems forced upon them through slavery.  

for doctrinal references please see the works by John Calvin, Louis Sperry Chaffer, R.B. Theme Jr. , Henry A Ironside, Clarance Larkin, Donald Barnhouse  and I am not saying you have to believe everything they say  just read (if you are interested)  and make up your own mind thats free will  and what makes you human.

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