Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Wisdom of Trees

I have in my yard a tree blown down by a powerful west wind during a thunderstorm. It is a terribly sad thing to see a tree in such a state. Trees are the eldest, the long sufferers. They see decades, centuries. In Israel there are olive trees that have been known to have existed since before Christ. Thousands of years and they can teach us so much about wisdom. They are God's silent servants. They teach many doctrines found in the bible, long suffering, patience, grace. They go on day after day, year after year exerting very little effort on their surroundingss yet taking a great deal of punishment from it. They do things slow as we should taking time to make changes instead of rushing head long into one change after another searching for happiness and finding only fleeting pleasures. Happiness is something you build like layers of bark, it cannot be found in a tryst with a lover, or the high of a narcotic. We would be wise to listen to the trees and work from within to build the layers of happiness that comfort and indeed even protect against the trials and sufferings that are so much apart of our surroundings.


  1. Ever thought about going to Seminary School? You have a lot of wisdom for your age and you sound like you'd make a great Pastor.

  2. I have thought about it alot, I have played the scenarios through my head many times and have come to a few conclusions. 1.) there are a few things about myself that I need to change before I could do such a thing. 2.) I have a job and a housepayment and such its hard to change. and 3.)I have always believed that when God is ready to call me to that service I will be ready and he will provide the way. So heres to becoming ready.

  3. Some have commented that I have myself cut down more then a few trees in my yard this year and to address this I say that even with humans occasionally one or many may be removed from the earth because they are not working in haromony with the rest of their environment. This is the case with these trees. They were in the way of power lines or the growth of other trees and were not in haromony.