Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Edge of Tomarrow

Have you ever stared into your own soul? Have you ever looked deep into your life your doings your sayings your thinking's and analyzed them for the truth of who you are and who you want to be? For months I have. . . I have thought so hard it made my head hurt. . . who am I if there is a purpose for me what is it and how do I begin to take that path. . . I have poured over theology textbooks and the writings of great men. . . . I have found a great deal of knowledge and it is for certain that my feet are set upon the path without having actually realised it. But to continue along that path. . . One must be changed as a part of the journey. . . We have to grow to mature to give up old habits bad habits that we know are bad that we know are not for our own good. It isn't easy. . . To change your priorities to make that dedication first in your life and everything else second. . . To love Christ the Logos is to love his word for Christ is called in the Greek Logos which means Word. So the first step in the path is bible study and it must be a priority. The funny part of the process is I see the changes I need to make to go further and they are easy and yet it takes discipline and organization and HAHAHA I wasn't blessed with an abundance of those gifts so I sit here deciding do I move forward forsaking those things which are behind, or do keep falling into the trap of the same old person with the same old routine? The edge of tomorrow with the promise of enlightenment and truth or more of the same. The choice seems so easy and so rewarding. I know that any things I choose to give up are better left given up the small petty cheap things that have no real value, and the gain is monumental. Better relationship with my family and acquaintances, enlightenment, patience, grace.

So how to begin. . . I think like a tree these changes must happen slow I must grow into them so that it is not a sacrifice to give such things up. I feel this is the most pragmatic and honest approach. Being brutally honest with ones self is important when you cut through all the rationalizations and total crap that you feed yourself to allow the same old same old. After it is all said and done that life is hollow and void of virtue and brings no warmth or comfort.

On to tomorrow friends and all the promise it holds!

for doctrinal referances please see the works by John Calvin, Louis Sperry Chaffer, R.B. Theme Jr., Henry A Ironside, Clarance Larkin, Donald Barnhouse.


  1. You must be going through a huge self awareness period for all of these things to be coming out like this. You make me want to stop...take a breath...and do some of that soul searching too...your words are eloquent and very thought provoking my friend.

  2. I remember when I went thru this stage. I remember it very well. Just before I met my husband. Do you remember that time?

    As you know I am going thru another one now.

  3. To be honest I have had a lot of this bottled up inside me for years and have never been in the right frame of mind to let it out.